Our algorithm

Our forecast algorithm uses mathematical logic to create unbeatable, non emotional forecasts.

We create forecasts for oil, gold, stocks and forex, we monitor all of these markets as part of our unique forecasting service. No market operates in isolation they are all interdependent. By creating forecasts for all major markets we are able to offer our subscribers a unique insight not available elsewhere.
We aren’t interested in fundamental analysis or technical analysis, nor are we interested in the news or what Central Bankers and Politicians say or do.

None of our forecasts take account of any of the above, and whilst some of the aforementioned may create short term noise it rarely has any effect on the direction of markets over the medium and long term.

What we are interested in is natural patterns and a logical structured approach to forecasting future prices. We believe that markets are organic, they are the sum of many decisions by many different people with many different pieces of information all making personal choices.

We expect our forecasts will beat fundamental and technical analysis, we don’t think it is possible to produce the perfect forecast forever, but we do believe there is a better way.

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  • 16 major markets
  • Gold, oil, stocks and forex
  • Over 1,600 forecasts a year
  • Delivered to your inbox
  • All for less than $3.50 per week
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